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Laura Doyle Certified Relationship Coach

I help women create intimacy, connection, passion, and trust in their relationships (without their man’s conscious effort)- even when it seems completely hopeless.

I use Laura Doyle’s proven method and Six Intimacy Skills- the same that have have helped over 150,000 women in 30 countries transform their relationships. 

You deserve to be happy too. I look forward to meeting you and standing for your vision! 


About Me

I was eight months pregnant with our first child when I realized something in my marriage had to change. I was feeling lonely and unsupported. That was not how I had envisioned starting a family. 


After many late nights of online research, I found Laura Doyle’s book The Empowered Wife. Laura Doyle is an internationally recognized relationship expert, New York Times best selling author, and host of the Empowered Wife podcast. With the help of a private coach, I learned how to apply the Six Intimacy Skills into my relationship and over the next few months, I watched it transform into the marriage I had always dreamed of. 


Today, I consider my wonderful marriage and the loving home we have with our three children to be my proudest accomplishment. 


I was so inspired and grateful for all of the beautiful changes in my life that I wanted nothing more than to share it with more women. I signed up for coach training with Laura Doyle herself and mastered her intimacy skills and coaching methodology.

It is my vision and mission to bring these skills to as many women as possible so that they can enjoy feeling cherished and adored and have healthy, peaceful, and loving homes. 



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My husband had just moved out, he said he didn't love me anymore, and I was on my own with three small kids. Laura was there for me during my hardest months. Without her coaching, I probably would've given up. Today my husband and I have fun together, laugh more, enjoy each other's company, and he does so much to make me feel safe and cared for!


Private coaching has been the most valuable investment I could have made in myself and my marriage. For any woman who is going through a marriage breakdown or even just wondering if there’s more to life/love than what she currently has, I would say get coaching. You won’t regret it!


Peggy Kerr

Age: 37

Years Married: 9



 After every session with Laura, I would feel empowered, inspired, and renewed. Time and time again, her invitations, once put into practice, initiated higher levels of intimacy in my relationship .


Jeana Zacharioudakis

Age 32

Married 1 Month



I feel like I have been given a second chance to have that loving, peaceful, playful marriage that I have always craved.  I would definitely recommend private coaching with Laura!


Sherry Briggs

Age: 57

Years Married:  33



 I was struggling to process the loss of two very important relationships in my life. Fear and anxiety over my decisions weighed heavily on me. Laura’s guidance and insight made the transition much easier to navigate. 

I would recommend private coaching with Laura to anyone who is ready to strengthen and nourish their relationship with themselves and with others


Gabriela Suarez

Age: 22


Laura expertly helped me get past my blind spots and helped me uncover ways to apply the intimacy skills to every situation. I felt heard and understood and always took away a concrete step to apply that would help me. 


I can’t recommend coaching with Laura more highly. It has improved every aspect of my life and I have never felt happier or more at peace. 



Age 51

Years married 29

I always enjoyed my coaching sessions with Laura. She is a warm, safe person who I can be myself with and talk about what’s really going on. With the help of Laura's coaching, I’ve built better habits that improve my marriage and learned to create the positive changes I’d like to see.   

Getting regular coaching keeps me positive and accountable so I can create the marriage I want!

Theresa Wampler

Age: 40

Years Married: 1

Country: USA

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